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About Mrs. PSST Designrepresentation

Improve the world, start with yourself. That was the reason why I started Mrs. PSST The Sales Agency in 2016. Spending time with people I love, interior design and happy customers make me happy. Just doing simple things like picking up the phone, meeting your appointments, sharing knowledge and having interest in the people around you. The moment they are doing great, is the ultimate satisfaction.

When I was a young girl I loved to sew fashion for my dolls. I chose a study at the Amsterdam Institute for Fashion Management because, in addition to being creative, I also wanted to develop myself in the field of trade, commerce and languages.

My first job was at an company for office furniture where I worked on creative and commercial proposals. Choosing fabrics and materials as part of a fitting project that was fantastic. After a year, I started travelling looking for new business and accountmanagement. There I already met people who know have led to Mrs. PSST. Through one of these contacts, I was given the opportunity to represent EBB & FLOW in Belgium. Soon, more brands followed and I could add ComingB, and Nordstjerne to my portfolio. I was able to start with PSST Designagency!

With Mrs. PSST I am the connection between manufacturer and retailer / interior designer. I provide sales services for manufacturers in the interior and lighting industry who want to gain or increase market share. Mrs. PSST offers the retail industry a distinctive portfolio.My brands add style, authenticity, comfort, personality and sustainability to a company, hotel, bar, restaurant, department store, concept store or webshop. My services include sales, customer service, after sales, promotion, online marketing & social media.

Because nobody can do this on their own, I would like to thank a number of people who helped me to get started:

  • My partner Ingo and our son Vernon. Thank you for all the support, love and trust. For the energy I get from my son who is always happy and enjoys childcare.
  • Susanne Nielsen, owner of EBB & FLOW, thank you for the opportunity you gave me to start as an independent sales agent.
  • Thank you to my 3 BFF’s: Mirjam and Judith for your advice and inexhaustible support and Carlijn for your support and the beautiful logo you designed for me!

I ♥ you all

Priscilla Stevens

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