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Impression Neil David portfolio

Dutch Design

Neil David designs products where the idea is and stays, the centerpiece of the design process – from beginning to end. You will find geometric forms in many of his products. Construction strategies are also often integrated into the creative process to be a quirky part of the design solution. All the products are made in the Netherlands. It’s Neil’s belief that locally produced products are better manage don quality to better fulfill the high expectations of clients.

Neil is a very accessible and practical designer, based in Amsterdam. He is on a daily basis busy with managing all aspects of a designlabel in a smooth and fresh way. Although he is a designer of a new generation, values as customer service and hospitality are key points.

The label Neil David is still young but it has been immediately noticed worldwide and already is a part of the designprograms of Starbucks and Nike.

Below you will find some NEIL DAVID products from our portfolio.